92 Park Ave, Rutherford, NJ

Is a mixed use building in the heart of downtown Rutherford, New Jersey. In 1890 the structure was called the Armory. Historical records indicate that the building had served mainly a social function, as it was constructed with a stage, living areas and meeting rooms for members of the NJ Volunteer Infantry 2nd Regiment, Company L, the majority of whom lived in Rutherford.  Later, it became Borough Hall with many civic responsibilities within the Rutherford community and legend has it jail cells were located in the basement for the Police Department use. In the 1950s it became MH Fishman Co. 5 cent to $1.00 Stores and later became a Mandees apparel store. It was purchased in a state of significant disrepair and abandonment and in December 2016 it was opened to house Stonefield, Harpy Gallery and Suprema Cucina. The goal of this redevelopment project was to bring life back into the building and create a place where design professionals, artists, and preparers and patrons of excellent cuisine could come together under the same roof.


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